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Production Fixer in The Gambia 

At State of Mic Multimedia, we offer fixer services to international filmmakers. We have worked with crews from the US, UK, and Europe on a variety of projects including films, documentaries, food and travel programmes, events, music videos, and commercials. We can handle all aspects of your project, including research and planning, scouting locations, obtaining permits, translating, transporting, securing, escorting, and crewing, depending on your needs.


Transportation & Logistics

When you are coming to The Gambia for a film shoot, television or press event, we will provide and arrange a wide range of transportation options to meet your specific needs. 


As well as providing you with a fixer who does research and planning before you arrive and looks out for you while you are here, State of Mic also provides a team of seasoned crew members, including camera operators, ACs, grips, sound recordists, and drone pilots.



We will scout a variety of locations in The Gambia that fit your needs because we have so much knowledge of the country. The Gambia has stunning and varied backdrops for your film or television project, ranging from urban vibrancy to small fishing villages and beautiful natural scenery.


We are able to carry out ground research, which is vital for successful filming. Our team will take care of everything to make your filming experience as seamless as possible, from finding the right people to interview to scouting locations and arranging all the necessary permissions.

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You can also reach us directly!

+220-7824388 /+220-3924388

#3 Kairaba Avenue - West Field

Opposite Saint Therese's - The Gambia

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